by Paris Tosen

An absorbing story of technological fantasy, The Tale of the Nivian King encompasses the rise of a global tyranny and the cosmic forces that strike against it: four unlikely heroes.

In the land of Seranor, a planet inhabited by people made of living ceramic, genius inventor Tulai Khan, who has a remarkable curiosity, discovers a blue man frozen in ice. To save his dying son, Shev'la, he must reanimate the stranger, a Nivian from another dimension. Waking from death, Zorath slowly recovers from his amnesia and remembers that Seronians are his mortal enemies who must be exterminated. And as Zorath's power grows, the only one who can stop him is Tulai's son and his three unusual friends. This version contains all four books.



Reality Science cover

6 x 9, 630 pp
ISBN 9781497368002
paperback, FICTION

published on March 18, 2014

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