Book 1
by Paris Tosen

This wonderful four book fantasy series begins with The Nivian King. Cast out of the Nivian kingdom after failing to assassinate King Llinduus, Nahkli-li-Zorath falls through a dimensional gateway. On planet Seranor, the blue-skinned alien is discovered in a block of ice by inventor Tulai Khan. Using his theorems, Tulai reanimates the stranger and in exchange he transfuses some of the Nivian's life force into his dying son Shev'la Khan. As the amnesia wears off, the friendly Nivian returns to his old self and the entire town of Ulaq faces total destruction.




Highstream Society

5.2 x 8, 232 pp
ISBN 9781926949208
paperback, FICTION

published on June 28, 2011

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