by Paris Tosen


Paris Tosen's Reality OS 11 attempted to end the paradigm of spirituality-and religion-once and for all. Tosen continues into uncharted territory, relying on his Digital DNA and Synthetic Reality Models, with a deeper discussion for everything existential from karma to heaven, plus discussions on the principle of reality. He builds on his thematic position that we are living in a computer-generated reality, including exploring the synthetic human protocol and why it has taken thousands of years to reach this level of discovery. Tosen goes the extra step and grounds his provocative ideas by providing ways to apply them in life. There are so many ground-breaking approaches in this book that you are almost certainly going to find some level of additional enlightenment. The Earth-Graduating Handbook is perfect for anyone familiar with Tosen's rogue approach to the nature of reality.


The Earth-Graduating Handbook

5.2 x 8, 220 pp
ISBN 9781537566443
paperback, NONFICTION

published on September 14, 2016

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