Ancient Bio-Digital Spirituality and the End of the Church
by Paris Tosen

The code of reality is written in genes, and the holographic world is run by a computer.

Building on his fresh approach to understanding the computer-programmed world we live in, Paris Tosen explains how the Gnostics were taught the biological-digital truth about human origins through the holographic messenger Master Jesus. Expanding on a diverse palette of ideas, THE DIGITAL REVELATION: ANCIENT BIO-DIGITAL SPIRITUALITY AND THE END OF THE CHURCH is your advanced guide to the most fantastical truth about the universe.



The Digital Revelation

5.2 x 8, 178 pp
ISBN 9781514286197
paperback, NONFICTION

published on June 9, 2015

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* These books may use Gnosticism and Buddhism to explain concepts in molecular biology and holographic technology. The author is neither a Gnostic, Buddhist nor is he a conventional scientist.

* Experts in Gnosticism, Biblical Scholars, and Coptologists have not sanctioned this book in any way.