A Radical Healing Approach for Neurodegeneration
by Paris Tosen


Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, AIDS, seizures, depression: A sample of diseases that have escaped a cure. There is a growing list of diseases that have baffled medical experts so much that they do not even know the cause. In THE BOOK OF SYMBIOTE DISEASES Paris Tosen, the founder of a new branch of physics called Reality Science (with no medical training whatsoever), presents a functional reality-based theory of technological pathogens. Always imaginative and sharp-minded, indeed, he discusses multidimensional symbiotes as the cause of incurable disease. Using independent research and observations, Tosen identifies the real cause of incurable disease and brings the cure, finally, within reach. This is a ground-breaking book that takes a radical approach to solving neurodegeneration.


The Book of Symbiote Diseases

5.2 x 8, 298 pp
ISBN 9781514328620
paperback, NONFICTION

published on June 13, 2015

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