by Paris Tosen


Inspired by his holographic mentor to escape the chains of the fake reality, Cartier Fisk was prepared to die. But when he finds himself in an underground facility where people are made, he is reborn.

The facility director of this place, Dr. Akio Honda, surprises him when he explains that this is where Fisk was created. The visit with the doctor isn't the worst of his problems. Recently, Fisk discovered a human-looking android on Capitol Hill, and made it public. He is kidnapped by an intelligence outfit and must fight his way out. He falls in love with the blond Ginger. As the magic of super-science and the inner android bloomed, Fisk was to face the most powerful of all: Aluminor-a giant 4-armed interdimensional wizard. From its advanced discussions on synthetic biology to the action-packed technological battles on multiple dimensions, Master of the Androids is an interdimensional opera infused with stylish magic.




5.2 x 8, 320 pp
ISBN 9781483922904
paperback, FICTION

published on March 22, 2013

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