The 4 Complete Books of Gnostic Microbiology
by Paris Tosen

In this unprecedented Ultimate Edition, packaged with the original edition of God is DNA, salvific icons God/Father (Creator) and Jesus/Son (Christ) remove their garments in the most revelatory religious theory in human history. Referenced, researched and presented in an absorbing manner with lay discussions in microbiology. This volume is perfect for alternative thinkers who are looking to end the biblical era. This is the book that exposes the truth about the Church and simultaneously presents a compelling theory on the synthetic nature of reality. Includes four complete books: God is DNA (original edition), True.jesus, Polymerase Phantasy, The Digital Revelation.



Why Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Vanished

6 x 9, 530 pp
ISBN 9781535375597
paperback, NONFICTION

published on July 21, 2016

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* These books may use Gnosticism and Buddhism to explain concepts in molecular biology and holographic technology. The author is neither a Gnostic, Buddhist nor is he a conventional scientist.

* Experts in Gnosticism, Biblical Scholars, and Coptologists have not sanctioned this book in any way.