As a knowledge company, Tosen Media is developing a knowledge base that is rooted in a more reliable and accurate alignment with the reality system. We are attempting to redefine spirituality and conventional science - our research builds on concepts and principles in reality science, making them available for a larger audience. We also cooperate with Stelans, advanced cultures on higher dimensions and from other worlds, to coordinate the path forward and to validate any developing theory. Science is not directly transferable across dimensions and worlds, so we are adapting ideas for our purposes here. It takes time.


As we develop and grow in a very new reality industry, an industry that basically didn't exist as an industry till very recently, we are facing an unprecedented growth challenge. Here are some core practices that we have adopted or are trying to adopt. We'll see how it goes:

Develop our information, we have looked at all kinds of information and we have found too much disinformation. That is why we decided to strike out on our own, to control the process from research to finished product. This assures us that the knowledge we provide we can trace back to its source. We can't say that about other ideas out there. We also coordinate with advanced cultures.

Translate source material, we look deeper and we don't stick to tradition. We have taken authenticated ancient scripts, from the Nag Hammadi Library, and have used a more advanced method to translate their actual meaning.

Publish, edit, produce, we control everything from research to final product. You get a quality product that is free of disinformation. We can't match the large publishing houses, but we're not trying to either. This is for people who are looking for exotic information and a deeper understanding of reality.

Revisions are central to our model and any theory that no longer works is revised.

Knowledge is constantly tested using multiple approaches that include logic, new research and discovery, analysis, and new perceptions.

Teaching and sharing, our key principle is to share this knowledge, teach basic ideas and communicate research findings. We know that nothing is written in stone or taken down from a mountain, but, we are willing to share information even if it is a relatively new finding.

Independent research, we maintain our reluctance to join the crowd and to get approval from the mainstream. We are not against other people and their research. We are open-minded and we leave other stuff to other experts. But we are dedicated to our research and findings. That's the approach we have established over the past 11 years. We believe in our findings. And we have a number of groundbreaking ideas in our library to support our views.

Nonreligious, introducing concepts without religious or spiritual ideology. We are not going to make anyone worship our ideas. But we do believe that our ideas can benefit people's lives. We do believe that this is a spiritual path forward, and we are slowly redefining spirituality in technological terms. For Paris, it starts with learning the original ideas (eg religion) and then the manmade components. He has specialized in Gnosticism, Christianity, and Buddhism and other New Age concepts, which have mostly come from early philosophies.

All of our information goes through an extensive screening and analysis for knowledge retrieval. Where we do find mistakes, we do further analysis and make any necessary adjustments. Our materials have already seen many versions and multiple edits (and multiple covers). Now, 11 years later, we are feeling reasonably confident that this knowledge is reliable. Is it perfect? No. Knowledge is not supposed to be perfect to be useful. Find ideas that will improve your life and use them. Discard ideas that don't work for you.

Tosen Media is committed to developing new kinds of knowledge and nurturing this highly exotic information. This is not a perfect system and that is why an entirely new knowledge library is a long-term and challenging goal. We have taken the important first steps toward a very new direction.

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