by Paris Tosen


BIG WORLD: STORIES contains eight of Paris Tosen's newest stories, which put his creative talents on display. The stories are eclectic: The chief of a young planet is corrupted by an advanced race. A man with a chip on his shoulder gets a reality wake up call. Humans finally learn to colonize a distant planet. The first gay female presidential candidate is in line to win. A depopulation plan gets a hiccup. A giant robot lands in New York. A CIA explosives expert is assigned to a film franchise with a few surprises, and an alien invasion movie gets an extraterrestrial edit. Fantastical themes, redemptive story lines, and unpredictable endings, this collection is ready for reading.


Big World Stories

5.2 x 8, 240 pp
ISBN 9781515352136
paperback, FICTION

published on August 5, 2015

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