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Tosen Media is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. For 11 years, we have researched, broken new ground, and published on subjects previously unavailable and unattainable. What you'll find here is a library custom-built for the 21st century.

We are a boutique digital publisher with books and media that push the boundaries of knowledge. Established as an outlet for the works of researcher Paris Tosen, who has a distinct perspective, an enlightened and esoteric approach, and is an activist for interstellar cultures. All books published by print-on-demand and edited in-house.

Our books are perfect-bound and professionally published. Available on sites, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indigo (Canada), iTunes Store, as well as through libraries and academic institutions. Digital versions (eBooks) are primarily published on the Kindle platform. Online titles are available in major international markets. Videos available through Amazon Video Direct and some as DVD.

It started in 2007. Following his awakening, Paris became motivated to write and publish more than 60 books on alternative knowledge on a diverse range of topics including synthetic reality and humans, interstellar culture, Gnosticism and early Christianity, and interplanetary colonization. He also loves genre fiction. Paris' philosophy is that knowledge is the best form of salvation, and world knowledge has been vehemently suppressed and distorted.

Learn more about offplanet cultures at Stelan Culture. You will also find a preliminary disclosure on interstellar and interdimensional people ("reality technicians").


Paris Tosen is an author, publisher, shaman, playwright. He's also a rogue researcher. Paris was born in Vancouver, British Columbia where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Simon Fraser University. Part-thinker and part-teacher, Paris Tosen is the author of over 60 books (self-published) including "God is DNA," "World War C" and "Persons Artificial," and fictional works such as "The Satellite People" and the Nivian King series.

Persons Artificial was a radical discovery of human-looking androids on Capitol Hill in 2008. His street documentary, Androids Among Us, was noted by many for its authenticity. He set up Stelan TV, a YouTube channel, to share his provocative video discussions.

Paris didn't come into the alternative field voluntarily. He was tossed into it. At age 38 he was visited by three interdimensional people and his normal life ended (When Elves Walk Through Walls). He has dedicated the last 13 years to the betterment of humanity, sharing wisdom, ideas and profound knowledge online, while he maintains a living. He also became an advocate for Stelan cultures, genuine nonhuman races, and campaigns against anti-alien propaganda films.

Most of Tosen's thinking is rooted in Reality Science, a new branch of physics he founded to explain the technological nature of reality. The basis of his research depends on our connection to the reality operating system, and a more involved understanding of what it means to be a human.

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