DNA is the software of life.

 God is DNA

God is DNA

by Paris Tosen

Paperback, 2 versions

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God is DNA-Salvation Church Gnostics

GOD is DNA: Salvation, the Church, and the Molecular Biology of the Gnostics

Divinity is rooted in microbiology.

We've doubled the information in this outstanding book! You will find an expanded discussion of Jesus. And you will enjoy a more evolved molecular hypothesis. Author Paris Tosen has put everything into this book. It's the most extraordinary book of our times. But that's because we've read it. Learn more

For those who wish to skip the Jesus discussion, we now have God is DNA Special Edition. Gnosticism and microbiology are at the heart of this wonderful book.

Digital DNA Chart

Is it possible that Heaven is beyond our capacity to see because it is molecular scale? What if the Creator of Adam and Eve was DNA? What if the Devil was an ancient molecular virus? God is DNA is an unprecedented religious detective story—a modern scientific translation of ancient Gnostic secret teachings and ideas. Rogue scholar and author Paris Tosen takes one of the most controversial and revolutionary positions on the subject of pre-Christian religiosity, flying in the face of the foundation of the Christian faith and decodes the true meaning of God. Read an excerpt

This is a work that strongly resonates with alternative thinkers and anyone who is seeking salvation from the material prison. Not recommended for devout churchgoers.

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* These books may use Gnosticism and Buddhism to explain concepts in molecular biology and holographic technology. The author is neither a Gnostic, Buddhist nor is he a conventional scientist.

* Experts in Gnosticism, Biblical Scholars, and Coptologists have not sanctioned this book in any way.